You are the MAN!

April 22, 2010 — by William Goldstein

That was the greeting from my first postop patient yesterday!! Boy do I love my job...

This patient is in her late 40's, and came to me for LASIK surgery. Unfortunately, she was not a candidate for that surgery. So, instead, we decided to perform RELEX which means Refractive Lens Exchange. With that surgery, I remove the natural lens of the eye, and replace it with an artificial lens implant.

In her case, we used a lens called ReStor, which provides her with distance, intermediate, and near vision without glasses!! She also had astigmatism, and I corrected that at the same time using LRI's (Limbal Relaxing Incisions).

Day 1 postop, she is 20/30 at distance, 20/20 intermediate, and 20/25 at near!! Amazing! And such a happy patient....