Cataract detection and prevention in Michigan

July 22, 2011 — by William Goldstein
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Cataract detection and prevention are hot topics, since cataracts are one of the leading fix-able causes of blindness in the world. Doctors are always looking for ways to find cataracts early, and treat them to delay the need for surgery.

Maybe Catra will replace cataract surgeons in Michigan! This device is an attachment to a smartphone that can actually detect and map out the location of cataracts in people's eyes! If cataracts are found, steps can be taken to slow down the progression. Protection from ultraviolet light can be particularly useful, so sunglasses and hats are recommended, especially in climates where sunshine is more abundant. The Catra device is being tested at hospitals in India, and the hope is that it will aid doctors in diagnosing cataract for patients who cannot get into the ofiice easily.

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