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Dry eye season is coming fast!

November 17, 2011 — by William Goldstein
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Dry eye season is coming fast! Anyone who has dry eye syndrome, or even mild dry eyes, is beginning to notice that irritation is getting worse. Why are things getting worse now?First, let's talk about symptoms of dry eye syndrome. Most patients simply experience dry or gritty sensations in their eyes. These tend to be worse later in the day, as we use our eyes. They are made worse by use of computers, reading, and driving, since we tend to blink less when we are doing these activities. Other symptoms may include tiredness, intermittent blurred vision, and even tearing.So why do these symptoms get worse this time of year? As the air gets colder, the humidity in the air drops, increasing dryness. On top of that, forced air heat, which is in use in most buildings, is very dry. Most office buildings, stores etc do not have humidifiers on their heat, which only makes matters worse.Increase your artificial tear use this Holiday season...and if that does not work, consider going to your eye d

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