All laser LASIK in Detroit

December 9, 2011 — by William Goldstein
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Dr. Goldstein performed the first set of All-laser LASIK for his patients this week! This is the most advanced technology available, offering more precision in forming the LASIK flap. The femtosecond laser uses light energy to create the flap, which can be easily folded back for the LASIK portion of the surgery. For LASIK in Detroit, this is a superior solution. This is what the femto-laser looks like:

In the past, an instrument known as the keratome was used to cut the flap, using a metal blade. While this instrument creates a good flap, the actual thickness of that flap may vary quite a bit. With the All-laser LASIK in Detroit, the flap is created at a precise depth, only varying by about 5-8 microns. The human hair is about 70-100 microns!!

These patients came in for their postop visits one day later and they were thrilled! Comfortable, and seeing 20/20 or better, even so soon after surgery.

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