LASIK Detroit vs. Bladeless LASIK Detroit vs. All-Laser LASIK Detroit. What does it all mean?

February 15, 2012 — by William Goldstein
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How is bladeless lasik or all-laser lasik different than traditional LASIK?  Lasik expert Dr. William Goldstein of Detroit, with his office in Shelby Township, Michigan is happy to answer this question.  The office of Dr. Goldstein is a state of the art lasik practice.  In our Macomb county location that serves patients from Troy to Rochester, we perform the best in lasik which is bladeless custom lasik.  Here is the difference.  In traditonal lasik, a blade machine called a microkeratome is used to make the flap in the cornea as the first step in lasik.  In FemtoLASIK (also known as iLasik or zLASIK), a bladeless laser is used to make this flap.  This laser is more precise and of course safer.  The laser eye surgery correction part of lasik is done by a unique map of your visual system in  both all-laser LASIK and traditional LASIK.   With this explanation, it is easy to see why iLASIK or bladeless custom lasik is clearly the preferred choice in laser vision correction.  The board certified eye doctor at Laser Eye Care Center has always decided to do only the best procedure available.   Come in and find out what makes us so special.