Choosing the best LASIK surgeon in Detroit

April 16, 2012 — by William Goldstein
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How does one choose the best lasik surgeon in Detroit? Some good guidelines are found here for LASIK Michigan

Not all LASIK surgeons are created equal, and careful research is needed when you select yours. Often, the surgeon who advertises the most is not the best choice. They will frequently allow others to take over the care of their patients, and even perform the surgery.

Find a surgeon who takes care of all of their patients themselves. Ask the question "Will you be the one doing my surgery?". Find out who does the pre-op and post-op care, is it the surgeon or a technician?

Experience and modern equipment are important. Find a surgeon who has performed many surgeries, and who always updates their technique and equipment.

Last, seek opinions of their patients. Many websites for surgeons offer testimonials like these LASIK surgery patients.