Cataract surgery in Michigan Myths debunked

May 1, 2012 — by William Goldstein
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There are many myths about cataract surgery in Michigan, and there is a great article about them. Among the points made are  

MYTH 1: Eye drops can prevent or dissolve cataracts.

o FACT: The Food and Drug Administration has not approved any drops that cure or delay cataracts. Since cataracts are not a substance, there is nothing for the drops to dissolve.

* MYTH 2: Close-up tasks like reading or sewing make cataracts worse.

o FACT: Cataracts are not caused by how people use their eyes. However, cataracts likely become more noticeable during close work. One sign of a cataract is the need for more light to do the same activities.

* MYTH 3: Cataracts are reversible.

o FACT: The lens naturally clouds as it ages; this process is unavoidable and irreversible. But its progress can be slowed by quitting smoking, eating a balanced diet and wearing sunglasses.

Dr. William Goldstein provides the most current technique for cataract surgery and favors the crystalens implant to liberate patients from reading glasses after surgery.