Astigmatism correction easily performed in Michigan

May 31, 2012 — by William Goldstein
Tags: Astigmatism Michigan Toric Iols Refractive Error Lasik Farsightedness

Astigmatism correction in Michigan is easily performed, and there are many ways to accomplish this easily. Dr. William Goldstein has many tools to correct astigmatism, so most patients can be less dependent on glasses.

LASIK surgery is one way to correct astigmatism. Up to 6 diopters of astigmatism can be performed using the VISX laser.

Contact lenses can also be used in most patients, and soft lenses will do the trick for almost all patients. This is a great  non-surgical alternative for patients who can't have surgery or who don't want surgery.

Toric lens implants can be used at the time of cataract surgery as well. These lenses correct astigmatism within the eye by replacing the natural lens of the eye. Power is built in to the lens to correct the astigmatism.