No Reading Glasses after Cataract Surgery with ReStor Lens in Detroit By William Goldstein on November 08, 2012

Advanced Technology Lens Implants To Eliminate Reading Glasses

ReStor lens is a unique lens that is used during cataract surgery. Cataract surgery usually necessitates aids for vision like glasses or contact lenses. This is because the artificial lens implanted during cataract surgery only restores near or distance vision. Normally, the distance vision is restored, and the patients are asked to use reading glasses for near vision. ReStor lens in Detroit gives patients freedom from this. This, and other lens implants, are considered 'premium' or 'advanced technology' lens implants, so medical insurance does not pay for this type of implant. This is why the majority of patients still opt for a lens that is limiting in its ability to free them from glasses.




Overview of ReStor lens surgery

Cataract surgery in Detroit is quite common as it affects many people in advanced age. The challenge that has troubled the ophthalmology niche since ages is its inability to completely restore vision after cataract surgery. ReStor lens surgery has finally offered a solution to this.


Every cataract surgery involves implanting an intraocular lens or IOL. ReStor is one such IOL. It is made of soft plastic and is convex on both sides. It can be folded and placed into the eye through a very tiny incision. The lens then unfolds itself in the eye, restoring the natural vision. The arms that support this lens ensure that it sits in the proper position in the eye.


Revolutionary design of ReStor lens


ReStor lens has a unique design through Apodization or flattening. Lenses traditionally are curved at the edges. The flatter design of ReStor lens enables the light to fall optimally on the retina.


For a person to be able to see objects that are near and at a distance, there has to be an appropriate distribution of light in the near and distal focal points in the eye. Through its new design, IOL ensures this is done, resulting in improved quality of image and minimum disturbance in vision.


Are ReStor lenses for everyone?


The Federal Drug Administration Department does not recommend ReStor lens for the following people:


  • People with preexisting eye diseases
  • People who experience halos or glares all the time, or glares only at night
  • People with unrealistic expectations about eye surgery
  • People who expect a 100% guarantee on the results of surgery
  • People who are okay with wearing glasses
  • People who fly airplanes commercially or recreationally


ReStor lens is not for people with astigmatism. Astigmatism is a condition where people are unable to focus on objects due to blurred vision.


Medicare now supports ReStor lens


Medicare now allows patients who are covered for cataract surgery to obtain the ReStor lens at an added cost. The cataract surgery itself would still be covered by Medicare or other insurance providers as they did before. Since the ReStor lens and other advanced tech lenses are not considered medically necessary, they are not covered, and must be paid for by the patient over and above any other copays and deductibles.

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