Cataract Surgery in Michigan, Advantages By William Goldstein on November 28, 2012


Cataracts impair vision by clouding your natural eye lens. It takes time for cataract to develop and doesn’t need to be attended to until your vision is disturbed by it. Cataract surgery in Shelby Township gets rid of the cloudy lens and places a clear one in its place. The benefits and risks are discussed with patients prior to the surgery. This article will emphasize how the benefits of cataract surgery in Michigan and other places outweigh its risks.




Cataracts give a dull, yellowish appearance which makes everything the person looks at seem muted and a bit yellow. Once your cataract is removed everything will seem more vibrant and bright.




Your doctor will be able to determine if and when you need cataract surgery. At first the eye is measured and the power of the lens to be replaced is calculated. Post-op a large percentage of patients discover their vision is undistorted, brilliant and clear. A reduced dependence on eyeglasses is very common. In fact, one of the goals of surgery is to reduce or eliminate glasses.


The overall health of the eye plays a key role in the results of the surgery, apart from significant factors like the calculations and measurements. Glasses for distance vision are often not necessary for those with healthy eyes.


A lot of people state that the glare of the sun or headlights at night is much less of an annoyance once this surgery has been done.


Quality of life


The betterment of quality of life is one of the best benefits of this surgery. Before the surgery people often stop driving or instead need to depend on others for transportation. But once the surgery is successfully completed, your independence is restored. It is not uncommon for people with cataract to meet with accidents, and the chances of this happening drop considerably after the surgery.


Getting this surgery will allow you to read, play sports and indulge in several activities that demand good eyesight.


The procedure


The surgery is a relatively simple procedure that entails little time. Most of the time spent by the patient is in the pre-op area, where nurses administer various drops in the patient's eye. A sedative is given before the surgery, which makes most people feel relaxed for surgery. On conclusion of the procedure, the staff and doctor make sure the patient has no side effects before releasing them to go home. A follow-up is done the next day, after a week and after a month post-surgery.

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