All You Need to Know about IntraLase LASIK in Detroit By William Goldstein on December 12, 2012


Most people wish to get rid of their prescription glasses but fear the thought of a blade entering their eyes during a LASIK procedure. If this is the only thing that is keeping you from having LASIK, you now have a solution at hand. IntraLase, also known as bladeless LASIK or FemtoLASIK uses no blades to perform LASIK surgery on your eyes.


The traditional LASIK procedure


This LASIK surgery necessitates the use of a mechanical device known as microkeratome. This device uses a blade to produce a corneal flap. This is usually a hinged and thin flap that is cut into the clear surface of the eye known as cornea. This flap is then lifted and laser energy is directed in such a way that it changes the shape of the eye to correct vision. The flap is then re-placed to encourage quick healing.


What makes IntraLase LASIK better?


Although the basic concept of correcting the vision is same in this procedure too, it has some added advantages to it. Apart from IntraLase LASIK being bladeless, it also reflects a few other technological advancements over the traditional method. It is considered one of the most precise procedures for vision correction today. The incision is much more precise, with the laser allowing less variation in the thickness of the flap when compared to traditional LASIK.


IntraLase LASIK in Troy also employs two computer-assisted lasers. One of these lasers is known as Femtosecond, which is an ultra-fast laser. This creates an exact and very thin corneal flap. The other laser, known as Wavefront, is used to map the area of the lens that needs correction. As a result, the vision after this bladeless LASIK surgery is corrected to near-normal levels or even normal levels. The thinner corneal flap also enables faster healing. The surgery is virtually painless and is completed in a very short duration.


Safety of IntraLase LASIK in Detroit


This is an FDA (Federal Drug Administration) approved procedure, which means it is safe. You also do not risk the nighttime glare that is often experienced with traditional method. Most microkeratome-based surgery successes depend on the skills of the eye surgeon, but with so much technological assistance, the possibility of this surgery going wrong is almost zero.


The disadvantages


The cost is a major disadvantage of this surgery. It costs quite a bit more than a normal LASIK surgery. Also, like all other LASIK surgeries, this too is considered cosmetic and not covered by insurance providers.

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