Causes and Treatment of Glare and Halos By William Goldstein on May 07, 2013

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If you are seeing bright circles that seem to surround a light source, you are experiencing halos. If, on the other hand, light enters your eye and seems to interfere with your vision, you may be experiencing glare. Halos can be disturbing especially when you are driving at night where you find it hard to focus due to the bright lights from oncoming traffic. Glare can be more of a problem than halos sometimes. You might not be able to handle bright light at all and may see that your eyes get teary with them, which can be quite disabling.


The cause of glare and halos


If you are experiencing halos or glare, there could be several reasons for these, some of which are:


Cataracts: Halos are the most common problems with cataracts. They can also cause glare, giving you the impression that the light is brighter than it actually is. These distortions are a result of cloudiness in the natural lens of the eye. A cataract is defined as any cloudiness in the lens of the eye.


Eye problems: Nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism can also produce glare and halos. These problems keep the eyes from focusing the light properly on the retina. Glasses, contact lenses, or LASIK can be used to treat defocus that causes glare or halos.


Ophthalmological procedures: Procedures like LASIK and PRK make use of laser to reshape the cornea to better the vision, which can lead to glare and halos sometimes; most of the times, they are temporary.




You can make use of polarized sunglasses or visor of your vehicle to lessen the impact of direct sun on your eyes. Most often, lenses can correct the minor abnormalities of eyes that cause glare and halos. It is vital that you go to your doctor with these problems and get an accurate diagnosis. If the underlying cause is something like nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism, they can be corrected through glasses or lens replacements.


If there is a more serious condition like cataract formation, your doctor may prescribe eyeglasses or sunglasses initially. Surgery is almost always inevitable with cataracts. If you have had the diagnosis at an early stage, you will have enough time to look for an experienced cataract surgeon in Shelby Township who can perform the surgery safely. You must know that cataract surgeries are one of the most common eye surgeries performed in the United States and are considered low risk with high success rates.

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