Get Rid of Readers: Multifocal Lens Implants By William Goldstein on June 20, 2013

A multifocal lens implant is a type of lens implant that reduces the need for glasses as compared to a single focus lens implant. A single focus implant provides you with ideal clarity till some particular distance but you require glasses to change focus. By getting a multifocal lens implant, you can focus on near and far objects simultaneously without the need of glasses to change focus.


How multifocal lenses work


 The multifocal lens implant has been engineered in a very unique manner. It has a common center and several rings around the center that focus light in the eye for all different focal distances; near, intermediate and distant. This impressive technology synchronizes with your brain and you subconsciously choose what type of focus is required. Once the multifocal lenses are implanted, you will be able to see more clearly. However, it will take a while for it to function at an optimal level.


Can multifocal lenses replace glasses?


While multifocal lens offer greater independence from glasses for many activities and good reading vision, they do not replace glasses completely. Multifocal lens take sometime to reach an optimal level, so during this period you might require the use of glasses. Additionally, multifocal lens does not cure or correct astigmatism.


The cost of getting a multifocal lens implant done


Many health care agreements do not cover the cost of getting a multifocal lens implant. You need to check your own agreement to confirm whether you are covered. If you are not covered, check the cost involved at the clinic or hospital where you plan to get your surgery done.


Can Cataract Patients undergo this surgery?


Due to aging, a cataract forms over the lens of the eye causing vision problems such as blurred vision, poor night vision, or loss of color intensity. Cataract surgery corrects your vision by removing your eye's natural lens and replacing it with a monofocal lens implant. You can further improve your vision by opting for a multifocal lens implant.


LASIK enhancement after a multifocal lens implant


The power of the multifocal lens implant is estimated using mathematical formulas that utilize pre-operative measurements of your eye’s dimensions. Under rare circumstances, the power of the lens is off. Only in such cases, LASIK enhancement might be required after a multifocal lens implant. The external LASIK procedure on the cornea is used to fine-tune any residual.


While no current technology can eliminate glasses, multifocal lens implants can greatly reduce your dependence on glasses. Multifocal lens implants can enhance the vision of people with and without cataracts. It can even help if you have vision issues in only one eye. 

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