All About Tecnis Multifocal Lens Implants By William Goldstein on July 24, 2013

The Tecnis lens implant Michigan is a multifocal implant, used to replace the natural lens and provide great vision for distance and near. The natural lens is replaced with man made lens (IOL) in cataract surgery. A Multifocal lens makes clear vision possible for near, distance and intermediate vision without the use of glasses. The Tecnis IOL can take the place of your glasses. It goes beyond LASIK surgery because LASIK cannot correct age related vision loss.


How is it different from other multifocal intra ocular lenses?

In comparison to other multifocal IOL, the Tecnis IOL is superior as it is based on wavefront technology. This technology makes it possible to rectify nearly every ocular aberration resulting in halos, glare and lesser visual quality. The Tecnis is a special kind of diffractive lens.  

The Tecnis lens implant Michigan makes use of this lens characterized by differently powered concentric rings that allow good vision for distance, near, and intermediate visions. In addition, the pupil size makes no difference to the lens. In comparison to other multifocal lens, this lens allows better vision under low light conditions. 

Who is a good candidate for the Tecnis implant?

Several factors are taken into account before Tecnis multifocal lens implant. Patient expectations and the overall health of the patient’s eyes are two important considerations. Severe glaucoma and macular degeneration and diseases are conditions which probably do not permit use of the Tecnis lens implant Michigan.

If the general health of the patient’s eye is good and the patient wants to reduce their glasses dependency entirely for all distances, they may want to choose this lens. Although a100 percent guarantee that the patient will not need glasses cannot be given, the studies on patients using Tecnis have demonstrated that nearly 90 percent of the patients who had Tecnis implants in both eyes never needed glasses for any distance.

Implant for single eye

The multifocal lens works best when implanted in both the eyes, but results are still very good with placement in just one eye. This makes it possible to drop the glasses entirely irrespective of the distance. In patients where the other eye lacks good vision or has a monofocal lens, the patient might continue to need glasses for some tasks.

Tecnis lens implant Michigan offers unique multifocal eye transplant that makes it possible to give up your glasses completely. However, the patient’s eyes must be in good condition and free from glaucoma and macular diseases. The implant may be used for a single eye with much better outcomes in comparison to the other implants. 

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