Benefiting From the Revolutionary Intralase LASIK Surgery By William Goldstein on September 07, 2013

A perfect example of bladeless Lasik, Intralase Lasik is considered one of the most advanced methods of Lasik eye surgery. Due to its high success rate and minimal reports of complications, Intralase has become a preferred procedure in many clinics.


Benefits of Intralase LASIK


When you choose to go for the best Intralase Lasik Michigan has to offer, you can enjoy the following benefits:


  • In comparison with standard Lasik, Intralase has a higher chance of giving you 20:20 vision. Through this procedure, you can get improved eyesight and minimal chances of experiencing night vision problems like star bursts, haloes around lights, and glares.
  • A common complication that is associated with standard Lasik surgery is damage to the corneal flap. Since Intralase is a completely bladeless procedure, there is a lower risk of causing damage to the cornea and it is considered a safer choice. Additionally, Intralase has fewer chances of resulting in complications that can arise out of human error.
  • With the most reliable Intralase Lasik Michigan has to offer, you are less likely to require laser re-enhancement, which is often required when a patient experiences regressed vision after the initial surgery. With Intralase, there is lesser chance of vision regression.
  • When compared to standard Lasik, Intralase rarely results in dry eye problems after surgery. This is because this procedure involves less corneal nerve damage.
  • Intralase Lasik allows for better precision and accuracy for your surgeon instead of the standard procedure.
  • With Intralase, your doctor can create a custom corneal flap to suit the contour of your eye. This is not possible in standard Lasik surgery, meaning that there is yet another risk of complication. Since Intralase Lasik is customized for each patient, it is an ideal procedure for many individuals.
  • In Intralase Lasik, the corneal flap is not created as deep as in standard Lasik. That’s why the quality Intralase Lasik Michigan offers is an ideal option for individuals with thin corneas who are not suitable candidates for the standard procedure.


Things to remember


It is important to remember that although Intralase is a safer option than standard Lasik, it is no guarantee that the surgery will work for everyone. Eye-related health problems and age factors play a huge role in whether or not an individual can safely undergo Intralase Lasik surgery. Before undergoing the best Intralase Lasik Michigan has to offer, you need to consult an expert optometrist to ensure that you are the right candidate for this procedure.

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