LASIK Surgery Postoperative Activity Restrictions By William Goldstein on December 20, 2013

If you have undergone LASIK surgery in Michigan, the day just after the surgery should ideally be a day of rest. However, there are certain limited activities that you can do right after your surgery. Here are a few of them.


  • You can take a shower as long as you make sure that no soap or water enters your eyes. You need to be very careful while washing your face.

  • Restrict yourself to activities that do not involve strenuous work. You can go to your office or to school and involve in light activities like writing, reading and working in front of the computer for small amounts of time.

  • You can drive short distances a day after LASIK surgery Michigan if there is a confirmation of adequate vision when the operation is over.

  • You can watch television, but do not forget to keep your eyes well-lubricated. Preservative-free artificial tears are the best choice, and should be used every hour after surgery for the first few days

  • It is acceptable to fly commercial airlines but in that case, your eyes should be lubricated after every 30 minutes. This is because the interior of the aircraft has very dry air.

  • You can lift moderately heavy weights, but avoid lifting heavy objects. In this context, heavy objects refer to those objects that weigh more than 25 lbs.


Three days after surgery:


Three days after the surgery, you can get involved in the following activities:


  • Start light exercises like the Stairmaster, treadmill and stationary bike.

  • Playing with children, but be careful about your eye! Small children can poke you and cause damage to the LASIK flap

  • Lift weights more than 25lbs.

  • Ride on a horse.

  • Enjoy a steam room or sauna.

  • Restart your normal outdoor activities like rollerblading, leisurely bicycling, jogging, skiing, boating and playing golf.


You can perform the following activities a week after LASIK surgery Michigan.


  • Apply eye make up, but make sure nothing enters the eye.

  • You can dye your eyebrows and hair.


One week and one month after the surgery


The following activities can be performed a week after LASIK surgery Michigan, provided adequate protection is given to the eye:

  • You can play racquet sports like racquetball, badminton, tennis and squash.

  • Swimming, snorkeling, sailing and scuba diving are possible.

  • You can play baseball, soccer, basketball and even football, provided you wear a helmet.

  • You can engage in hockey, motorcycling and snowmobiling activities.

  • Kayaking, water skiing, surfing and wind surfing are possible.


You can resume all normal activities a week to a month after LASIK surgery Michigan:


To get the best results out of your surgery, make sure you bear in mind that there is a certain timeline you need to follow, when it comes to the activities you can take up. By taking up only the permitted activities, you can ensure a quick recovery from the surgery.

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