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Options in Intra-Ocular Lenses for Cataract Surgery in Macomb

September 30, 2013 — by William Goldstein
Tags: Cataract Surgery Macomb Crystalens Intra Ocular Lenses Crystalens In Michigan Cataract Surgery Macomb

The Prevent Blindness America organization has reported that cataracts are expected to affect over 30 million Americans by 2020. Keeping in mind that more than 20 million people are already affected now, it is clear that the issue with cataracts must be addressed as efficiently as possible.

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Choosing between Traditional LASIK and Bladeless LASIK

September 23, 2013 — by William Goldstein
Tags: Lasik Surgery Bladeless Lasik Shelby Township Traditional Lasik Lasik Surgeon Bladeless Lasik

Ever since the introduction of bladeless LASIK procedure, a number of questions have risen regarding how it compares to the traditional LASIK procedure. Although not everyone is of the same opinion, there are also some areas in which one procedure excels over the other. 

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How to Care for Your Eyes Post LASIK Eye Surgery in Warren

September 12, 2013 — by William Goldstein
Tags: Eye Surgery Lasik Eye Surgery Lasik Eye Surgery In Warren Eye Care Lasik Surgery

Recovery after LASIK eye surgery is fairly quick even without much post-care treatment. However, experts recommend taking good care of your eyes after the procedure to speed up recovery time and to minimize the risk of infections.

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Why You Should Consider Tecnis Cataract Lenses

September 9, 2013 — by William Goldstein
Tags: Lenses Tecnis Lens Michigan Cataract Surgery Restor Lens Rochester Restor Lens

According to a recent study published in the American Academy of Ophthalmology journal, Ophthalmology, people who undergo surgery to fix their cataract issues are living longer than individuals who choose to avoid the procedure.

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Benefiting From the Revolutionary Intralase LASIK Surgery

September 7, 2013 — by William Goldstein
Tags: Lasik Lasik Surgery Intralase Lasik Michigan Bladeless Lasik Intralase Lasik Surgery

A perfect example of bladeless Lasik, Intralase Lasik is considered one of the most advanced methods of Lasik eye surgery. Due to its high success rate and minimal reports of complications, Intralase has become a preferred procedure in many clinics. 

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Revolutionary Cataract Surgery in Michigan for Better Results

September 5, 2013 — by William Goldstein
Tags: Cataract Surgery Cataract Surgery Troy Cataract Multifocal Cataract Surgery In Michigan

According to reports from the Center for Disease Control, 3 million Americans undergo cataract operations every year. The same report showed that 98% of those surgeries yielded positive results. Dr. William Goldstein is providing revolutionary cataract surgery in Michigan to allow patients great results, and greater independence from glasses.

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