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Choosing VIsian ICL Surgery

April 28, 2014 — by William Goldstein
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For many years, the sole method of permanently correcting vision without using contact lenses or glasses was laser for corrective eye surgery. However, the invention of Visian ICL changed all that. It is now possible to enjoy a quality of vision, which is clearer and sharper compared to the laser eye surgery. Vision corrected by Visian ICL Michigan also offers better dimension and depth. The Visian ICL, lens collaborates with the eye to enhance the visual quality. Unlike the general contact lens, which are attached to the eye surface, the Visian ICL Michigan lens is placed between the natural lens and the iris (colored portion of eye) where it stays for a longer, indefinite time. Visian ICL, Michigan is developed from collamer, a revolutionary lens material. The presence of collagen in collamer, makes it compatible with eye and offers exceptional vision quality. Advantages of Visian ICL Permanent, yet removable: A startling advantage of Visian ICL is that even as it

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After Visian ICL Surgery

April 21, 2014 — by William Goldstein
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What to Expect After Visian ICL Surgery A majority of patients notice considerable improvement in vision after Visian ICL eye surgeryprocedure. However, it is not possible for the patient to drive himself or herself home after the ICL surgery Michigan. So have your friend or family member drive you to the clinic where you have surgery. It is impossible for you to drive a vehicle immediately after the procedure, mainly due to the sedation that is needed. You will have a pressure check after the ICL eye surgery Michigan procedure. This needs to be done within an hour or two after the surgery. The surgery is outpatient surgery, so you will be discharged home after the pressure check. Most patients can drive one day after the operation and can return to their professional activities. It is to be kept in mind that healing is not the same for individuals and vision improvement proceeds at its own pace. If you are not comfortable with your vision one day after ICL eye surgery Detroit

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