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Bladeless LASIK Facts

May 16, 2014 — by William Goldstein
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Laser eye surgeries are among the best solutions of correcting vision quickly and effectively. It is important for patients to get all of the bladeless LASIK facts, to understand the benefits of this surgery. Bladeless LASIK, Michigan utilizes two contrasting varieties of lasers: Femtosecond laser: The laser is directed to create a precise, hinged and thin flap. The flap is then temporarily pulled up from the cornea. Excimer laser: This category of laser is used on the newly exposed surface of the eye. The eye tissue is then removed through a precise pattern to change the shape of the cornea. In all-laser LASIK surgery, the flap is repositioned to its original place to serve as a natural bandage . It offers better healing and comfort after the surgery. Once the laser surgery reshapes the eye, its ability to concentrate light rays towards the retina is improved, resulting in sharper vision. FemtoLASIK usually offers excellent results with reduced chances of complicatio

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Crystalens Implant Preferred

May 9, 2014 — by William Goldstein
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Why Go For Crystalens Procedure Crystalens is an effective technology that allows ophthalmologists to treat cataract conditions as well as eliminate related impairments. This type of lens is designed to eliminate or reduce a person s dependence on spectacles to appreciate both near as well as relatively far distance. Reading too may be improved for people opting for Crystalens implant preferred. Studies on many patients have proved that Crystalens Surgery in Michigan has a remarkable chance of being a complete success. The surgery can completely change your view of the world sans glasses. A leap in technology As we start aging, the muscles in the eye lens lose the ability to focus and refocus on near subjects. Crystalens Michigan is a kind of intraocular lens implant, which assists in delivering clear vision across a wide range of distances. The system makes use of hinges that allow intraocular lens movement and focus easily on objects situated both near and far. If you are

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PRK vs LASIK in Michigan

May 6, 2014 — by William Goldstein
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All About PRK vs LASIK in Michigan PhotoRefractive Keratectomy (PRK) is a kind of laser-enabled eye surgery. The procedure rectifies a fairly wide range of complications like mild to moderate farsightedness and nearsightedness. Astigmatism can also be cured through PRK. When it comes to deciding on PRK vs LASIK in Michigan, it must be noted that both the vision correction procedures use lasers. Both procedures are performed on the cornea. The cornea, covering the pupil, iris and anterior chamber, is a sensitive tissue that allows light to travel through it. The light ultimately reaches the posterior part of the eye. How do the 2 procedures differ? The PRK procedure usually begins by the cornea being reshaped, directly on its surface. The difference with LASIK, is that the LASIK laser is performed after a flap is created instead of treating on the surface. Comparing PRK vs LASIK In the PRK vs LASIK debate, PRK has a number of undeniable advantages. This procedure

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