LASIK to Correct Astigmatism By William Goldstein on April 06, 2016

In most of the cases, surgeons can use LASIK to correct Astigmatism completely, to provide clear vision. And the good news is that the effect of  bladeless LASIK surgery is permanent in nature. Astigmatism is one of the most misunderstood problems related to vision. However, contrary to popular beliefs, it is not an eye-health related problem but is a condition when the eye has a difficulty with focusing light. Astigmatism results in blurred vision or vision getting distorted to some extent at varying distances.

Defining Astigmatism

Astigmatism is not an uncommon problem related to human vision. Though the name may sound quite scary to many people, astigmatism is not considered as a disease of eyes. It is actually a refractive error in the eyes such farsightedness and nearsightedness. The problem of Astigmatism can be cured through different means such as bladeless LASIK surgery, contact lenses and eyeglasses. But how is Astigmatism caused? It is a condition  that is caused by the eye’s  front surface when its shape is curved differently than normal. Many experts describe the phenomenon by stating that the cornea of a human eye is not shaped like a baseball but similar to a football. A second analogy related to this eye condition state that when a person suffers from this condition, the shape of his eye becomes similar to a spoon’s back or is egg-shaped instead of resembling the shape of a ping-pong ball.

Can we use LASIK to Correct Astigmatism?

LASIK surgery makes use of ultra-precise layers that can be easily programmed for changing the cornea’ s shapes so that the affected person’s eye has a more symmetrical shape from its front surface, Thus, vision related problems that Astigmatism causes can be eliminated by undergoing a LASIK treatment. If a person suffers from a condition like Astigmatism, it is ideally not more than 3.0 diopters in its size. The condition can be entirely rectified after just one LASIK procedure. But even if a person is affected with higher magnitude of astigmatism, bladeless LASIK can still correct the problem. However, in such cases, there is an increased possibility of going for subsequent visits of LASIK enhancement so that the correction can be fine-tuned. In case a person suffers from high degree of astigmatism, the cost for LASIK surgery may be impacted. The cost of a LASIK surgery depends on the concerned LASK surgeon’s policies, as well as, the surgery center selected by the patient. In case that is the reason, it is usually discussed with the patient during  the consultation session and during the preoperative exam. In close to 95% of cases, LASIK to correct astigmatism is successful.

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