Bladeless LASIK Advantages and Disadvantages By William Goldstein on September 23, 2016

The most common procedure conducted to improve or correct vision problems is LASIK eye
surgery. Millions of people around the world have undergone this procedure with minimal to no 
LASIK surgery is performed on people who have conditions like myopia, hypermetropia, or 
astigmatism. During this procedure, an experienced surgeon makes a small incision across the 
patient’s cornea and creates a flap of tissue. They can then carry out the necessary procedure to 
reshape or rectify the vision problem. LASIK is often suggested for people who have extreme 
vision problems. 
However, like most surgeries, LASIK eye surgery may also come with some complications. 
There are no procedures without risks, and it has been reported that at least one in twenty cases 
can face complications. One in three people might also still need to wear glasses for some time 
after their laser eye surgery, such as while working long hours before a computer or driving in 
the night. But LASIK eye surgery is also known to be one of the most effective, complication-
free procedures. Like all procedures, bladeless LASIK also has its own set of advantages and 

The advantages of LASIK eye surgery

LASIK eye surgery has numerous advantages and benefits, making it one of the few procedures 
that patients undergo stress-free. Here are the benefits of LASIK:
 LASIK surgery is known to be effective and is proven to repair vision in a majority of the 
 This procedure is almost pain-free. Patients feel little to no pain during the surgery.
 The patient’s vision is almost immediately corrected. They can notice dramatic results 
either the same or the day after the surgery.
 Recovery time is very short and there are usually no stitches or bandages required.
 If further correction needs to be made, doctors can perform adjustments even years after 
the first LASIK surgery.
 In most cases, patients will no longer need to wear corrective eyewear after the 

The disadvantages of Bladeless LASIK eye surgery

Despite strong advantages, the procedure bears a few disadvantages as well. 
 Any change made to the patient’s cornea through LASIK surgery is irreversible.
 Additional changes or corrections can be made only through additional LASIK surgeries.
 The procedure is technically complex, so some problems may rise during the surgery 
which could permanently affect the patient’s vision.
 In some cases, LASIK surgery can cause the patient to lose their highest degree of vision 
even if they wear corrective eyewear.
Bladeless LASIK is a popular procedure conducted on several million people globally every year. If you’re 
considering undergoing LASIK eye surgery, it is advised that you thoroughly discuss the 
procedure, risks, and results with an experienced surgeon before you decide.

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