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Laser Eye Surgery FAQ

February 19, 2016 — by William Goldstein
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(Frequently asked questions) If you are considering getting laser eye surgery done soon, these are five important things you should know about the procedure. These Laser Eye Surgery FAQ s should be on your list of things to know! 1. LASIK is quick Over 70 million individuals in the world are suffering from myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism or a mix of these eye conditions. LASIK is a relatively fast procedure that makes use of laser technology for reshaping the cornea of the eye to correct vision problems. It takes about ten minutes (per eye) and there will some additional time taken in pre and post op. 2. LASIK is not painful In a LASIK surgery, the patient will be given anesthetic drops for numbing the eye. They will only feel minimal pressure near the eye when the physician is performing the surgery. This is similar to experiencing some discomfort, but there is no actual pain. Once the procedure is completed, the patient s eye will feel clear and their vision will be re

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Choosing Your LASIK Surgeon

February 15, 2016 — by William Goldstein
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LASIK (Laser ASsisted In-situ Keratomilieus) is one of the most successful refractive surgeries in the recent past for correcting vision. Here are some facts about the surgery to help you understand the process and choosing your LASIK surgeon. It would be helpful to gather information on how you could improve your vision with LASIK surgery. About LASIK surgery LASIK is a simple surgery that uses laser technology to gently remove some corneal tissues in the eye changing the curvature of the front eye. It helps to form sharply focused images on the eyes without having to use corrective lenses. Farsightedness, nearsightedness, astigmatism, glares vision and night halos could be treated with LASIK. LASIK is usually customized to treat your individual eye issues. It is usually a bladeless surgery that causes minimal discomfort to the patients. A mild sedative is administered in the form of eye drops before the procedure. There may be various technologies used like: Wavefro

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LASIK Technology

February 11, 2016 — by William Goldstein
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LASIK technology got approval from the FDA just 14 years ago. But even though it is a relatively new technique for vision correction, millions of people from all over the world have benefited from this surgery. In fact, it is claimed that LASIK is one of the fastest developing techniques in the field of surgery. There have been various significant advances in LASIK technology that have been made within a very short span of time that has led to enhancing the success, outcomes and comfort of the technique. The success of the LASIK surgeries can be appreciated from the fact that far less than 1 percent of all LASIK surgeries lead to complications. There is no doubt that the impressive statistics is the result of the advancements that have been made in the field of the LASIK technology and skill and expertise of the surgeons. LASIK has gone through several significant changes even since its inception. But there are three major advancements that have made LASIK surgeries more successf

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LASIK Advances

February 8, 2016 — by William Goldstein
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Advancements in LASIK that You Can Look Forward To Till even two decades ago, LASIK was an absolutely unknown surgical technique for correcting vision. In fact, its introduction led to the fulfillment of an exciting dream of millions of people all over the world. But things have drastically changed now with LASIK being a common and popular technique for correcting vision of the eyes. In fact, even 15 years ago if a patient indeed got his or her perfect vision of 20/20 via a refractive surgery, it would be considered as a miracle. But with advancements in medical science, further LASIK advances are expected to take place so that the results can be even better. It may even be possible for patients to gain better than perfect vision, better than 20/20 that was always the gold standard. The objective of introducing more LASIK advances is to use improved technologies so that current techniques that are used in the surgery can be improved and better results can be achieved for the pati

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