Cataract Surgery Tools

October 16, 2018 — by William Goldstein
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A few years ago, cataract, one of the most prevalent eye diseases, required major surgery
with a complicated procedure. It was a treatment which was time-consuming and expensive,
and patients also required a lot of downtime to recover from the surgery.
Today, with advancements in science and technology, a more advanced, simple, effective,
and affordable procedure for treating cataract has been developed. With a single hand-held
device that is no bigger than the size of a pen, you can now be cured of cataract. This
microsurgical device is known as miLoop.

How does miLoop work?

miLoop is a microsurgical lens fragmentation device developed by ianTECH. This device
allows for minimally invasive eye surgery for treating patients afflicted with cataract. The
device, about the size and shape of a pen, has a super-thin nitinol filament which can be
activated by pressing a button with your thumb. This nitinol filament is designed in such a
way that it will be able to slip through the anterior capsule of the eyes, going behind the lens
to ensnare it completely before it contracts.

What makes this device so special is that it does not use heat, laser or vibrational energy to
cut through the lens, nor does it require any fluids for the procedure. Because of this energy-
free quality, miLoop allows for a gentle, minimally invasive and highly controllable
fragmentation for cataracts of any grade.
miLoop also has a smooth and precise endocapsular tracking, meaning that there will be
minimal stress on your eye capsule. It also follows an in-out centripetal movement, which
means that it will gently cut towards the center. Conventional techniques of surgery followed
a centrifugal, in-out cutting approach, thereby cutting away from the lens, making them less
effective for cataract treatment.

Benefits of miLoop

Here, we will outline the various benefits of miLoop in the fight against cataract worldwide.
 miLoop is simple to use and control for cataract surgeons everywhere, greatly
minimizing surgery time.
 It is much more cost-effective compared to conventional techniques of treating
cataract patients.
 miLoop is independent of any phaco-energy, be it heat, laser or vibration. This makes
the procedure very safe.
 The device also minimizes stress on the capsule because of its smooth endocapsular
 About 25 million people across the globe are blind because of advanced cataract.
With miLoop, this global epidemic can be effectively treated since it is portable,
handy, simple to use and cost-effective.

The miLoop is especially useful in lesser developed countries, where high-tech solutions to cataract surgery are not available.