SMILE Eye Surgery for Nearsightedness

October 30, 2018 — by William Goldstein
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The ReLex SMILE, which stands for Small Incision Lenticular Extraction is a evolutionary technique of correcting vision using a laser. It is a form of laser surgery for the eyes which is minimally invasive, and there is no pain experienced as it uses just a single laser for the entire process. Developed by ZEISS, it is the only solution available today for this kind of eye treatment. ReLex SMILE is approved by the FDA, so it has proven efficacy and safety.

How is SMILE performed?

ReLex SMILE is like upgrade of the LASIK Laser Eye Surgery. The disadvantages are thrown away, the advantages remain, and improvements are made. The procedure starts off with your doctor giving you anesthetic eye drops to numb your eye to be treated. Then, the Carl Zeiss VisuMax is used to place precise pulses right in your corneal centre using 3D placement accuracy. The pulses placed in the cornea then form microscopic bubbles which are smaller than 1/100 th the width of the average human hair. These bubbles form an outline around the tissue the doctor has to remove so that the shape of the cornea will be changed and your vision corrected. The laser creates a small tunnel through which said tissue is extracted by your doctor.

The entire procedure takes a few minutes, and your vision is improved by as much as 80 percent immediately. After a few days, your vision will be hundred percent corrected. Since there is no flap created, recovery time is quicker too.

Who benefits from ReLex SMILE most?

This technology is especially effective for people with myopia and have high powers. The results tend to be better in such cases. It is also great for those who were previously not
suitable candidates for Laser Eye Surgery because they have extremely dry eyes or thin corneas.

ReLex SMILE is also a great option for those who may have corneal surface issues as a result of overusing contact lenses. Since the procedure is safe and recovery time is quick, it;s an ideal solution for those who cannot afford downtime and need to go back to work as quickly as possible. There is no blade involved, no flaps and no pain, making ReLex SMILE extremely appealing for those suffering from short-sightedness.