Astigmatism Correction with Surgery

November 13, 2018 — by William Goldstein
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Limbal Relaxing Incisions, commonly known as LRIs are surgical procedures which are used
for treating mild to moderate astigmatism. They are minimally invasive procedures which are
usually performed in conjunction with a cataract surgery so as to reduce the effects of
astigmatism. The result is a much clearer vision with minimized dependency on prescription
glasses and/or contact lenses. In some cases, the need for glasses and/or contact lenses
completely disappears.

During the surgery, limbal relaxing incisions or LRIs are made on the limbus, which is the
edge of the cornea. When these small incisions are made, the limbus is then relaxed or cut
loose, and as a result, the steep corneal curvature becomes more rounded. This improves the
ability of the eye to focus light, thereby reducing astigmatism significantly.
When compared to other surgical procedures, Limbal Relaxing Incision eye surgery offers a
number of advantages to patients.

Below, we discuss these advantages in detail:
 There is a lesser chance of infection and other side effects
When it comes to Limbal Relaxing Incision eye surgery, the chances of unwanted side
effects including infection are extremely low. Other side effects such as the weakened
cornea, glare around light, light sensitivity and fluctuating vision during the first few
months post-surgery are also extremely rare and a majority of patients do not experience
them. In other surgical procedures, the chances of these side effects, especially infection,
is higher.
 Recovery period is much shorter in LRIs
One of the greatest advantages of Limbal Relaxing Incision eye surgery is that there is a
very short recovery period. With minimal downtime, you can carry on with your normal
daily activities and return to work or school the very next day after your surgery. This
means that you don’t have to spend days in bed, waiting to get back to your routine.
 Produces great results by dramatically decreasing the need for glasses and/or
contact lenses
Patients who undergo Limbal Relaxing Incision surgery often see great results and
dramatic improvements in their vision. In most cases, patients experience improved
vision the very next day, while some may experience blurry vision for the first week, after
which their vision starts to improve. For people with mild to moderate astigmatism, it is
likely that they don’t have to wear glasses and contact lenses anymore. For people with
severe astigmatism, their dependency on glasses and/or contact lenses reduce and their
power decreases.

Apart from these advantages, the short and simple procedure of LRI eye surgery is what
makes it so appealing. Mostly, people with astigmatism, cataracts and those who wish to
decrease their need for glasses and contact lenses are suitable candidates.