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Health screening for cataracts in Detroit

May 20, 2011 — by William Goldstein
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From time to time, Dr. Goldstein participate in health screening events at the local community centers. These events are very useful for patients, in that they help them to discover issues with their eye health that they may not be aware of. For instance, high pressure in the eye could indicate glaucoma, which is not detectable because it does not cause any symptoms for patients. Cataracts, on the other hand, can cause very mild reductions in vision, and the vision screening may indicate this if the patient has trouble reading the chart.
After the screening, if cataracts or glaucoma are possible, then patients are advised to see an ophthalmologist for a full examination. A complete examination should be performed at that time, including dilation with eyedrops. In this way, early signs of disease can be detected to avoid vision damage. If cataract surgery is needed, Dr. Goldstein prefers to perform crystalens cataract surgery as an outpatient.
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