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Crystalens Implant Preferred

May 9, 2014 — by William Goldstein
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Why Go For Crystalens Procedure Crystalens is an effective technology that allows ophthalmologists to treat cataract conditions as well as eliminate related impairments. This type of lens is designed to eliminate or reduce a person s dependence on spectacles to appreciate both near as well as relatively far distance. Reading too may be improved for people opting for Crystalens implant preferred. Studies on many patients have proved that Crystalens Surgery in Michigan has a remarkable chance of being a complete success. The surgery can completely change your view of the world sans glasses. A leap in technology As we start aging, the muscles in the eye lens lose the ability to focus and refocus on near subjects. Crystalens Michigan is a kind of intraocular lens implant, which assists in delivering clear vision across a wide range of distances. The system makes use of hinges that allow intraocular lens movement and focus easily on objects situated both near and far. If you are

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Crystalens Cataract Surgery in Detroit

October 20, 2013 — by William Goldstein
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Getting corrective surgery for a cataract problem is much safer and more effective with the developments in eye-care technology such as Crystalens. Unlike the traditional forms of intraocular lenses, these accommodating lenses bend and flex just like your natural lenses would.

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Crystalens Cataract surgery in Detroit, center for excellence, Dr. William Goldstein

January 9, 2012 — by William Goldstein
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Recently named a Center for Excellence for cataract surgery in Detroit with crystalens implants, the office  of Dr. William Goldstein continues to offer the best for their patients.

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Crystalens cataract surgery in Detroit, patient from Kuwait

October 24, 2011 — by William Goldstein
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Our office received this note via email, from a patient who came from Kuwait to see Dr. Goldstein for crystalens cataract surgery in Detroit: "The crystalens lenses that were implanted are working great and my night vision is excellent. In fact, I drove here in Kuwait last night and was completely comfortable with the vision. I really didn't realize how colorful Kuwait was at night. Apparently my cataracts have dimmed the color vision for so long, that I didn't reaize how colorul the lights and other sights are." Thanks Dr. G! I am so glad that I found you to take care of my eyes and implant the crystalens implants in Detroit. It was worth the travel from Kuwait! For more info, visit http://www.2020vision.com

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Cataract surgery in Detroit

September 1, 2011 — by William Goldstein
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Dr. Goldstein has been performing cataract surgery in Detroit since 1991, and the technique continues to evolve. After 3 generations of cataract surgery tech, the true micro incision has arrived, with incisions close to 1/16th of an inch. But why does a small incision matter?

To understand this, it is necessary to realize that cataract surgery is actually lens replacement surgery. The cataract forms in the lens of the eye, which must be removed and replaced in order to complete the surgery. The replacement lens that is chosen is intended to allow good distance vision without glasses. To accomplish this goal, the eye must retain its natural shape. A large incision can cause irregularity that leads to astigmatism, which may result in glasses for the patient.

Incisions that are in the 2.5 millimeter range tend to cause almost no astigmatism. Dr. Goldstein is currently making a 2.2 mm incision. This equates to around 1/10th of an inch! The incision also seals i

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Crystalens Cataract Surgery in Detroit

August 22, 2011 — by William Goldstein
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Crystalens cataract surgery in Detroit continues to evolve, with increased use of the lens and better results.

There have been several generations of crystalens implants for cataract surgery, and each one had its own strengths. Thousands of each version have been implanted, and the data is very good, and very complete.

Dr. Goldstein has been involved in the use and data research on all of the different generations of lenses in the United States. Currently, he recommends the Crystalens AO, which is also the most recent addition to the crystalens cataract surgery family. This particular lens functions in the same way that the other lenses did, meaning that it flexes to provide accommodation, or near vision focus. The difference is in the aspheric design, which allows a broader range of vision, with less chance of halos and glare.

Call the office of Dr. Goldstein, which is a crystalens center of excellence at 586-323-2020, or go to the website,

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Cataract Surgery Safety

July 14, 2011 — by William Goldstein
Tags: Crystalens Cataract Surgery Cataract Surgery Crystalens Cataract Surgery Safety

A recent article in the Journal "Ophthalmology" indicates that cataract surgery is safe, even after the age of 90!

The study actually compared outcomes and complications in 80 year olds and 90 year olds, and found no statistical difference in the safety of surgery in these 2 age groups. Interesting, because many patients believe that, once they get 'too old', they should not have surgery because it won't go well. They are worried that it is too risky.

Cataract surgery is the most commonly performed surgery in the U.S. today, and is also the most successful surgery performed in the U.S. today. As an added benefit, cataract patients are benefitting from new technology that allows more freedom from glasses. With the use of such advanced technology implants as the crystalens implant, most patients are completely free of glasses.

More information is available from Dr. William Goldstein, who performs a dozen or more cataract surgeries each week. You can make

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Cataract Surgery in Detroit

June 17, 2011 — by William Goldstein
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Should you be afraid of cataract surgery? Many people are, mainly because they feel that they could have damage to their vision from surgery. Others just say "I hate having anything near my eye". But cataract surgery in Detroit is nothing to fear, especially when performed by Dr. William Goldstein! In fact, cataract surgery is the most commonly performed, and most successful surgery in the United States today.

Dr. Goldstein uses the most modern technique for surgery, to make is safer, easier, faster, and painless for his patients. The technique is one used by only 30 % of surgeons in the United States, and includeds topical anesthetic and a no-stitch incision. Topical anesthetic means that only eyedrops and gels are used, so no needles are placed behind the eye. This incrases safety, and also means that the eye can see immediately. No patch is needed after surgery due to this modern technique. The crystalens cataract surgery includes a crystalens implant that can help to el

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How does a cataract surgeon in Michigan choose cataract lens implants?

May 31, 2011 — by William Goldstein
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Patients frequently ask How do you choose the lens implant that is right for my eye? Are all lens implants the same? They want to know if everyone gets the same power lens, and how do we work to obtain a result that does not require glasses for our patients.
When a patient comes in for their surgical evaluation, Dr. Goldstein has a long discussion regarding an individuals goals for surgery. If they only want distance correction, then a standard lens may be selected. If they prefer to eliminate distance AND reading glasses, then an advanced technology lens must be used, such as the Crystalens implant.
Once the general category of lens is chosen, careful measurements are carried out to determine the shape, length, curvature and power of the eye. Next, a list of possible lens implants and powers is printed out. The cataract surgeon in Michigan selects the proper lens implant based on the patients wishes, the desired outcome, and the experience of the surgeon.

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Health screening for cataracts in Detroit

May 20, 2011 — by William Goldstein
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From time to time, Dr. Goldstein participate in health screening events at the local community centers. These events are very useful for patients, in that they help them to discover issues with their eye health that they may not be aware of. For instance, high pressure in the eye could indicate glaucoma, which is not detectable because it does not cause any symptoms for patients. Cataracts, on the other hand, can cause very mild reductions in vision, and the vision screening may indicate this if the patient has trouble reading the chart.
After the screening, if cataracts or glaucoma are possible, then patients are advised to see an ophthalmologist for a full examination. A complete examination should be performed at that time, including dilation with eyedrops. In this way, early signs of disease can be detected to avoid vision damage. If cataract surgery is needed, Dr. Goldstein prefers to perform crystalens cataract surgery as an outpatient.
Cataracts in Detroit are best de

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