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Intralase LASIK, iLASIK

February 5, 2019 — by William Goldstein
Tags: Lasik Ilasik Femtolasik Intralase Lasik

iLasik AKA Intralase LASIK is an all-laser, bladeless form of LASIK surgery. It has many advantages over standard LASIK

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Sports and Bladeless LASIK

December 12, 2016 — by William Goldstein
Tags: Lasik Bladeless Lasik Intralase Lasik Sports And Lasik

Athletes playing sports in the Detroit Area can benefit from bladeless LASIK surgery, also known as Intralase LASIK

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Intralase LASIK and Pregnancy

October 28, 2016 — by William Goldstein
Tags: Intralase Lasik Lasik Michigan Lasik Lasik And Pregnancy

Pregnant patients in Michigan and elsewhere should not consider LASIK surgery until well after they deliver their baby.

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LASIK Surgery in Michigan, Do Eye Surgery Results Last Forever?

March 27, 2013 — by William Goldstein
Tags: Intralase Lasik Lasik Surgery In Michigan Cataract Lasik Surgery Eye Surgery

LASIK surgery in Michigan usually results in a 20/20 or sometimes even better vision. Most people who undergo this surgery often wonder if the vision correction is permanent. The answer to this question is that it depends. Depending on the age and the stability of vision, you can expect to have a near 20/20 vision for a very long time.

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