Comprehensive Treatment for a Range of Eye Conditions

Dr. Goldstein finds fascination in many aspects of the field of ophthalmology. Interactions with patients of all ages are always gratifying! And Dr. Goldstein loves that fact that eye care is one of the few fields in medicine that enables a physician to practice both surgical and medical health care. The eye conditions and treatments that are listed below are the most common ones that are encountered.

Surgical Care

Medical Care

You can use this page of the website to investigate these topics in depth, and contact the office for more information. You can also schedule an appointment if you require diagnosis or treatment of any of these eye conditions. Dr. Goldstein is an expert in eye care, and can help patients with all of these problems.

As a general ophthalmologist, it is required that extensive training in all of these areas is pursued. Research is ongoing in most of these fields, and the eye doctor needs to stay current. Attendance at conferences and reading journal articles are both part of this process, and Dr. Goldstein attends national conferences yearly. He is an avid reader of the journals in his profession, keeping him abreast of the changes in eye care.

Eye care is one of the few specialties in medicine that is truly a holistic approach. Diseases of the body are reflected in the eyes quite frequently, and eye doctors can often help guide internists and family practice doctors in their care of patients.

Patients of all ages are welcome in a general ophthalmology office, and often 3 or 4 generations of one family are represented. Many of the eye conditions listed above affect all of the members of a family.