Explore the Benefits of Crystalens® Implants

Crystalens implants for cataracts

Results that have to be seen to be believed

  • 92% of the people enrolled in the study could see 20/25 or better at a distance,
  • 96% could see 20/20 at arm’s length,
  • 73% could see 20/25 at near without glasses or contact lenses,
  • 98% of these people could pass their drivers test,
  • 100% could see their computer or put on their makeup
  • 98% could read a magazine,
  • Seeing at approximately arm’s length (middle vision) is greatly enhanced with the Crystalens®.


Crystalens Implants Comparison TableUnlike old-style “fixed focus” lens implants, which don’t move, Crystalens® has the ability to flex forward, thus focusing your vision in a manner similar to your own natural lens. Each implant is chosen specifically for the individual patient to ensure the best outcomes.

Dr. Goldstein will be glad to answer any questions you have about the Crystalens®. Free evaluations are available to discuss the details of this procedure, and to determine your candidacy for surgery. To have your questions answered regarding Crystalens® surgery call Dr. Goldstein’s office at (586) 323-2020 or (toll free) (888) 347-2020 to arrange an appointment, or set up your appointment now online.

Crystalens® Pricing

Dr. Goldstein charges a global fee if your lens is inserted at the time of cataract surgery, regardless of degree of correction needed if astigmatism is present, or if monovision correction is performed for reading. You are guaranteed to receive the latest technology, and personalized care that you deserve.
This global fee includes all costs associated with your surgery:

  • Your initial evaluation by Dr. Goldstein to determine if Crystalens® surgery is right for you.
  • Your full consultation with complete dilated examination and extended discussion with Dr. Goldstein.
  • All preoperative testing, both in the office, and at the surgery center.
  • Laser cataract surgery
  • Additional LASIK or RK surgery if needed to fine-tune the end result