Refine Your Results with Crystalens® Exercises

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The Crystalens® exercises are simply a collection of six kinds of books used in therapy after Crystalens® Michigan operation. Each book in the collection has 16 different puzzles that are intended to be completed within a two week period. The puzzles are based on word search and the patient is required to complete one exercise every day. Since there are a total of six books, 12 weeks will be taken to fully complete the program.

The Crystalens® Workbooks program consist of a series of a few structured exercises which permit the eyes to concentrate on progressively smaller letters, thus stimulating the patient’s eyes so that they can accommodate. The letters’ size and the multitude of puzzles are given to establish a daily accommodating and controlled exercise program so that there will be a gradual improvement and increased efficiency along with amplitude.

About the puzzles

Majority of puzzles have light-hearted and fun topics designed to be very entertaining for the patient. Similar to general word search games, the puzzles have a number of words concealed throughout the puzzle. Each page has a series of words so that the patient or player knows what to search for. Book One of the Crystalens® Michigan workbook is extremely easy for a patient as the font size is the biggest. Once the first book is finished, the patient may advance to open the next book. The print gets smaller in each successive workbook. This increases the puzzle’s difficulty level.

Continuation and complications

The patient must be instructed to complete a single booklet over a period of two weeks. In case a patient cannot move beyond a particular book number, it is advisable to give him or her an extant copy. The patient should be kept at that particular level for a few more weeks.

Therapy should begin two weeks post completion of surgery of the second eye. In case only one eye is going to get the Crystalens® implantation, or if it is hoped that second eye may not be implanted quickly after first eye, then the program can begin once the already implanted eye are two weeks post- operative. There should be a plan to exchange the booklets in an interval of two weeks. It is recommended that the Crystalens® surgery patient come with each fully done puzzle book to be exchanged for the next in the series. A few doctors prescribe their patients a number of booklets at a time and allow the patient to go through them in their personalized pace.