All-laser Bladeless LASIK

IntraLaser sign

Blade-free Intralase LASIK

Bladeless LASIK, also known as femto-LASIK or iLasik is the preferred method of surgery for Dr. William Goldstein. He has experience with several different versions of LASIK, and uses only the most advanced technology when he performs Intralase LASIK. This is one of the reasons he is known as "The Doctor that Doctors Trust”

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Traditional LASIK

LASIK surgery is the most common form of vision correction performed in the U.S., and you can trust Dr. William Goldstein to provide the safest, most accurate surgery for your laser vision correction. He was in the first group of LASIK surgeons in Michigan.  He has performed LASIK surgery on other eye doctors, nurses, and their families.

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Illustration of corneal flap being removed during surgery


PRK and EpiLASIK are alternatives to LASIK, and are especially useful in patients who have thin corneas or other problems that cause them not to be candidates for LASIK surgery. Dr. Goldstein performed PRK before LASIK became available, and was part of the initial research on this form of vision correction. He uses the VISX S4 excimer laser, for these surgeries as well as for LASIK surgery.

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