LASIK Pricing, All Inclusive

Protect Your Eyes with the Best, Safest, Most Advanced Care

Dr. Goldstein charges a global fee of $2100 per eye for the most up-to-date technology. He performs All-Laser LASIK (Bladeless). With this LASIK pricing, you are guaranteed to receive the latest technology, and personalized care that you deserve. 

This global fee for LASIK pricing includes all costs associated with your LASIK:

  • Your initial evaluation by Dr. Goldstein to determine if LASIK is right for you.
  • Your full consultation with complete dilated examination and extended discussion with Dr. Goldstein.
  • All preoperative testing, both in the office, and at the LASIK center.
  • All facility fees at the LASIK center.
  • Custom LASIK using CustomVue technology on the VISX excimer laser.
  • Postoperative care for 12 months after surgery.

Additional LASIK surgery if needed to fine-tune the end result with an addtional 12 months of postoperative care.

Make sure to ask other laser centers if they include all of this in their LASIK Pricing. You may find that you will pay more for astigmatism correction. Surgeons may charge more for personal care, or for postop care. Some surgeons don’t guarantee their results, and add a charge for additional surgery as well!

Dr. Goldstein has elected to charge an all-inclusive ‘global fee’ for his LASIK Pricing, so that patients can count on getting all of the care they deserve for a fair price. Financing is also available through CareCredit.

Low Enhancement Rates

Dr. Goldstein’s enhancement rates are very low, due to the accuracy of his calculations, and the most updated CustomVue software on the VISX S4 excimer laser. He insists on the latest hardware as well, and all instruments are used only once. With frequent calibration of the laser, LASIK Pricing does not change, even though this is the safest method for patients.

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