3-D illustration of excimer laser in front of eye

LASIK Technology

Having to rely on glasses or contacts to see clearly can add difficulty and frustration to everyday life.

The excimer laser makes it not only possible - but incredibly safe - to restore your vision.

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3-D illustration of excimer laser in front of eye

Making LASIK Safe and Precise: Why This Procedure Might Be for You


The excimer laser checks the position of the eye 400 times per second. Several measures are taken to prevent eye movement during surgery, and the laser will automatically shut off if any movement occurs.


Tracking the position of the eye ensures that the laser modifies only very specific areas and amounts of corneal tissue.


The exceptional precision and safety of the excimer laser helps 99 percent of recipients achieve 20/40 vision or better, while 90 percent achieve 20/20 vision or better.

Breaking down LASIK Treatment Step-by-Step

The excimer laser vaporizes microscopic amounts of corneal tissue to correct irregularities that are causing nearsightedness, farsightness, or astigmatism.

A Fast Procedure with Life-Changing Results

You can expect to be in your doctor's office for a total of 90 minutes. LASIK itself takes just 10 minutes per eye.

Day of Procedure


You will receive numbing eye drops and a mild sedative to help you become comfortable and relaxed.

Stabilizing the Eye

A device called a speculum will hold the eyelids open while a vacuum ring prevents any movement of the eye.

Corneal Flap

A blade or laser will be used to create a hinged tissue flap in the outer layer (epithelium) of the cornea.

Excimer Laser Refinements

Based on precise measurements of your corneal surface, the excimer laser will begin vaporizing small amounts of tissue in order to correct imperfections.

Replacement & Recovery

The flap will be replaced, covering the refined tissue. You will rest in the office for a short period before a friend or loved one drives you home.

LASIK Is One of the Safest Elective Surgeries Available

According to the American Refractive Surgery Council, less than one percent of LASIK patients experience complications. 

The Benefits of the Excimer LASER are Affordable

Although LASIK is an elective procedure, the out-of-pocket expense is actually less or equal to the cost of the alternatives over time.

Cost of LASIK and Comparable Solutions Over 10 Years

Your Doctor Can Determine Your Candidacy

The excimer laser is capable of providing life-changing enhancements, but LASIK is not right for everyone. If you have thin corneas, for example, you may be better suited to PRK, another refractive surgery that incorporates the excimer laser.

Book a consultation with your doctor today to learn how this technology can benefit your vision.

Dr. William S. Goldstein

Laser Eye Care Center

William S. Goldstein, MD, has been practicing laser eye surgery since 1991. He was one of the first doctors to offer advanced eye care in all of Michigan and is a member of several prestigious organizations: 

  • American Board of Ophthalmology
  • American Academy of Ophthalmology
  • American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons

If you are ready to enhance your vision, call our office at (586) 323-2020 or request a consultation online.

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